Student Experience Is What Matters For An Institution To Grow

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In the earlier times, it was all about the teachers and what better than the Sanskrit Shloka “Guru r Brahma, Guru r Vishnu, Guru r Devo, Maheshwara”, meaning Guru is God – depicts the importance we used to give to our teachers. But, times have changed and now it’s the student experience that has taken the front seat. Teachers are still respected and held high but institutions are now all concentrated on providing better student experience. Earlier the number of educational institutions was less but now there is competition in this area also. In order to grow and maintain the reputation of a top notch or standard educational organization it’s important to understand and create and healthy learning environment. With the advent of new technology, educational institutions precisely Education ERP’s as well as E learning tools besides infrastructure, institutions are able to provide enriching student experience both inside and outside the classrooms.

Student Experience

One of the vital aspects is e-learning off-course because it makes learning so much easier and convenient. The barriers of distance, time and physical disabilities or health are eliminated all thanks to technology driven e-learning tools. Another powerful solution that helps automate the institutions is ERP. With a cut to fit ERP, you can easily manage student data that includes term wise attendance, grades, performance at the click of a button making it easier for teachers and educators to monitor individual performance of every student. Studies have revealed that ERP systems have a drastic impact on the academic performance because academic ERP’s provide insights into individual performance helping teachers device customized solutions based on analytics of individuals that too accurately and try to eliminate the success barriers of students. Academic ERP’s are loaded with various different modules like student performance management, examinations, classroom management, time table and syllabus management, to name a few.

Well, collectively the integration of these technology based tools streamlines campus management and student management seamlessly so and helps institutions provide a broad and enriching experience to their students, ultimately driving their own growth over a long period of time.

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ERPs For Universities – A Short Guide

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Educational campuses like colleges already have complex workflows and a mammoth database to manage particularly when it comes to higher educational campuses like universities. Enablement of large campuses like universities can not only streamline these complex workflows but also help in these institutions in getting optimum Returns on Investment. While there are umpteen ERP Vendors in the market that provide one size fits all ERP solutions for colleges and Universities, there are only a few who are in for cut to fit solutions. Campus Medicine is one such company that is into campus management solutions for colleges and universities. While designing an ERP solution for Mammoth educational setups like universities there are a lot of points that need to be considered to get the product that suits your requirements. Here’s a short guide around pointers that need to be kept in mind while planning around e-enabling your university campus

ERP For Universities

1. ERP integration System – making the right choice does matter when it comes to selecting between the ERP integration or could system and modules. The university needs to be aware of its specific requirements and choose a technology that fulfills it.

2. Reports Management – Reports are a daily routine with universities and the ERP needs to be fully equipped to automate them. The reports need to include different from fees to exams, MIS to co-curricular, attendance and also degree course tracking to name a few.

3.Inter departmental connectivity – There are umpteen colleges and further departments under a university setup but with proper inter departmental connectivity, university can create an environment that is seamless as far as workflow processes, accountability, time and resource management as well as transactions and learning activities are concerned.

4.Continuous Support – Vendors not only design ERP that meets the specific requirements but due to many institutions opting for cloud based platforms provide 24 x 7 support as well.

5.Agility – Like they say change is the only constant, even ERP systems need to be upgraded from time to time, hence it needs to be agile so that it can be used for a long time in order to save money in the future and use it for a long period of time.

Well, universities are a colossal setup and they need to take all the vital points into consideration before choosing a suitable ERP management system for themselves.

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Biometrics and Air Travel

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Recently, Biometric Identification Procedures were made mandatory in medical colleges by the government. Biometrics identification is already there in most of the corporate houses for attendance purpose already. As the use of biometric identification systems across various applications, one of the areas where Biometric Systems can work wonders apparently is at Airports. There are a lot of challenges that airports face when it comes to identification of passengers. Application of biometrics systems can certainly help the whole process that is long, tedious and prone to errors, simplified, speedy, accurate and secure.

Biometrics and Air Travel

Biometric systems are advanced to the point that face recognition is today in the forefront of it. A report in Bloomberg long back in 2017 already had an article around the progressive change in the airport ecosystem titled ‘The Airports of Future are here’.

Two of the top most players in the world of digital security and biometric identification solutions IER as well as Gernalto are all already paving the way for reformation in the way airlines manage the identification challenges of their flyers. Having launched the Fly to Gate biometric systems that is quite simple to use and hassle free because passengers can authenticate themselves using their mobile phone in one shot or any-time before the scheduled departure. They can do so at the airport desk or the terminal too without the need to carry any passport or boarding pass. The technology that works here is facial recognition technology. All the steps and procedures including check-in, baggage drop, security check, boarding and more. It is also possible to make payments simply against shopping and snacking by just looking into the camera with these facial recognition systems. These systems are highly secure and a strict legal framework is followed as far as data safety is concerned. There is no invasion into the private life of the travelers and the data is erased after the flight departs or after the return ends. It’s just a common reference point for check ins and security control.

The idea is to provide a more flexible flying arrangement rather that one that requires the flyer to freeze temporarily. Though in the infancy stage, it is certainly of promising nature and as per the title of the bloomberg’s article ‘Airports of the future are here’.

Campus Medicine establishes a common and continuous communication and data sharing platform amongst Stakeholders namely Management, Faculty, Parents & Students.”

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Biometric Devices And Its Application Areas

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Biometric technology is not at all a new now and over the years it’s proved to skyrocket as far as its utility is concerned in different application areas. In an age where personal identification and authentication is need of the hour every-where from schools, colleges to airport, immigration and border security areas, biometric devices are proving to be the savior certainly so. Earlier, people used to believe that biometric devices were of use to the government institutions only, but today they are everywhere, be it corporate office or universities. Here’s a run through five application areas where biometric devices are used for security and convenience purposes.

Biometric Devices And Its Application Areas

Access Control – Biometric technology has been of a great boon where password based access has proved to be a fail due to the limitations of it. Hence, for home access control, vehicle access control, single sign on as well mobile phone access is adopting biometric access control technology because it is reliable and accurate.

Time and Attendance Management – Biometric technology is by far the best technology in use when it comes to attendance and time management of students or staff be it in colleges or workplaces. No wonder, they are extensively used across organizations and colleges in India have made them mandatory recently. These devices use features like face identification and fingerprint identification mostly commonly while there are places around the world where even palm iris and voice based identification technology is in use. This technology has automated, streamlined and speeded up the attendance and time management workflow procedures globally.

Airport Security – One of the areas where security is so tight that breaching it is almost impossible, thanks to biometric technology in use. Many airports these day worldwide use the IRIS based biometric identification technology for authentication of traveler’s identity. Other than accuracy and reliability, a lot of time is saved because the travelers only have to enter a booth and look into the iris camera. The camera clicks the picture and matches it with the details in the software. Iris based biometric identification technology is known to ensure highest security and safety levels as on day.

Banking Transactions – Banking is one of the most sensitive and breach prone areas where highest level of safety and security are a must. The use of biometric technology has skyrocketed particularly in banking in order to automate and streamline the customer identification management procedure and nullify instance of fraudulent transactions. Furthermore, its makes the whole procedure faster and convenient for the customer. As customers are looking for banking who are equipped with biometric technology even banks are concentrating on getting the best technology possible.

Law and Order Management – International Investigative agencies like the Federal bureau of Investigation have been using the biometric technology for a long time now for criminal investigation purposes. It is also used across many jails and prisons in-order to manage the criminals residing inside. With the help of biometric technology it becomes easier to manage criminal and prisoner identification procedures.

Apparently, the use of biometric identification devices is growing by leaps and bounds because of it speed, accuracy and reliability with identification and authentication procedures.

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What You Need To Know About The New MCI Mandate For Medical Colleges

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The board of governors at the MCI have passed the decision that all the medical colleges have to post the attendance record of their faculty as well as doctors on their respective websites. This decision is a result of complains received from staff of various colleges about replacement of the name of the senior or retired faculty working permanently with guest faculty. A college correspondent said that the payrolls did show that the permanent faculty is taking the lecture but in fact, the guest faculty does it. As per the MCI mandate the attendance records need to be posted on the website as daily attendance dashboard under the main page MCI clause B.1.11. The gazette issued by the MCI included the medical council could ask for the attendance records of medical colleges during assessment.

Medical Council of India

Currently the health department has decided to install biometric attendance systems in primary as well as community health centers in order to check the unavailability of doctors and other medical staff. The earlier and in practice method of taking attendance of staff is manual. It is verified by the MCI’s inspection team but many private medical colleges appoint one day faculty only for the day of inspection by the MCI team. It has come under the government’s radar that the attendance of doctors and nurses in some areas was as low as 20% due to the manual attendance procedures. To curb the same is why biometric attendance systems are to be installed. The government will be introducing the biometric systems in all the PHCs and CHCs for doctors as well as staff members.

The health department has taken this drastic measure due to its observance of high absenteeism amongst doctors and staff and biometric systems seem to be an appropriate solution as on day to curb this mess out of the health department.

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Just know about Campus MedicineMedical College Management Software

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Ignoring Human Element Hampers Software Implementation

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We are all aware of how ERPs are taking over the business world in an organised manner. Why not, they are helping businesses move northward by improving efficiency, boosting productivity, optimising manpower, controlling time and saving money. Yet, we are not able to recognise one clear fact that ERP implementation is not only about technology. It is more about humans as well. The implementation of an ERP is a critical process and the success very much depends upon everyone in the organisation. Hence, taking everyone in loop becomes imperative for it to work to its optimum.

Ignoring Human Element Hampers Software

Adopting or adapting to new technology is not a cake walk for sure as it needs the people of the organisation to come out of their comfort zones and try something new and learn it. Anxiety and hesitation is a natural human phenomenon and no with ERP it’s not an exception at all.

There are many examples of companies not doing well only because the people are not willing to accept and initiate change because may be they see technology as a threat to them or the feel they wont be able to adopt it the way it should be. But, its up to the management how to take this and respond to it sensible and make sure that the management understands human psychology around it, the culture of the business and then puts its own team to the heart of the process by spreading awareness about the benefits of digitisation to the business and even personally.

Secondly, they need to partner with a reliable ERP solutions provider in order to harness the power of it to the optimum. This provider will do the hand holding as far as implantation of the technology is concerned and orientation as well as training around transferring it to the hands of the team members is concerned. May businesses look for quality ERP and the features or benefits of it, but what is more important is after support. The support is critical to the success of the ERP and ultimately to the business as well. The following tips can help you avoid the hamper of implementation of technology caused due to sheer ignorance around importance of human factor.

Awareness and Interaction – It’s a good idea to spread awareness about the implementation of the ERP and the benefits of it to the business and individual as well. The early you start the better for you.

Orientation and Training – Investing seriously in training your team be it higher management or middle or junior team members. This not only improves output and productivity but also confidence and ownership.

Reassure – Make the team understand about the benefits of the ERP and how it is going to ease their day to day life hassles and boost their productivity.

Well, at the end of the day the ultimate beneficiary is going to be your business. So, go for a provider that puts your people first and concentrates on user experience by taking a holistic approach around ERP implementation.

Know more about College Management ERP Software

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Case study – Attendance Online Management software

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After this online attendance management system was installed in a 2500 bedded super speciality hospital in Bangalore, it helped the hospital to manage the attendance of its staff and students efficaciously and also reduced costs to a great extent. Apparently, the hospital had been spending a humongous amount of money annually on stationary and printing which after automation was reduced significantly and the results are given below. Similarly, there was significant reduction in the communication costs annually after automation.

Case study - Attendance online Management system


Contact to free demo for Campus Management software

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The Future of ERP System in India and More

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Most universities, colleges and schools are updating their management systems with campus management ERP systems. In order to make optimum use of the available resources and boost the efficacy of the work processes, ERP systems are being used by managements of various institutes in various fields of education. ERP’s have altogether taken education by storm. They have helped campuses streamline their resources as well as work processes and ultimately save on costs. The simple reason being their low capital investment requirement as well as high returns on investment. Here are a few benefits of education management systems used in educational organisations

  • Data management and storage with multiple levels of security for protection of data
  • Real time access and authorised access to management for handling operations of multiple organisations under one group of institution
  • Implementation of cloud based systems reduce the cost of IT hardware and servers. Even product enhancements and upgrades become hassle free as compared to traditional data storage systems.

college management software

There are various service providers in the field of education ERPs. But, the idea is not to install a one size fits all ERP but to choose one that suits your organisational needs. We at CampusMedicine are also into campus management ERPs exclusively for streamlining the work processes of medical campuses. With 33 different modules for campus management, we offer one ultimate solution that undoubtedly optimize your work but maximize your returns on investment as well. Here is a list of the benefits that CampusMedicine offers medical colleges -

  • Stream-lined Admission Process
  • Crisper Fee Management
  • Better utilization and Management of Hostel, Mess and Transport
  • Closer tracking of class rooms/ Clinical/ Lab Attendance of Students and Faculty
  • Management of different hierarchies to access to the information as per allotted designation.
  • Comprehensive Student/ Faculty/ Employee Information Record System
  • Student life cycle with Academics Management
  • Weekly/monthly/ semester/ yearly Time-table Management with provision of Faculty Allocation and Substitute Faculty Allocation
  • Online leave application, approval and rejection of leave application by respective stakeholder
  • Exam scheduling and Result announcement
  • SMS and E-mail alerts
  • Dash board based access for different stakeholder
  • It can be integrated with latest technologies like Biometric/RFID /IVRS/ Barcode
  • Helps to identify the areas of concern
  • Maximize performance by helping develop a regular feedback and development mechanism
  • Take corrective actions to help parents improve the satisfaction & engagement levels
  • Facilitate stakeholders to build effective communication platform

To schedule a free demo of our campus management ERP, click here.

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Why is Alumni Management not an Optional Campus Management Module Anymore?

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Many college management bodies focus on modules like admission and fee management, exam and results management, time table management, to name a few, as a part of their campus management suite, but either ignore Alumni Management or consider this module as an option with their custom made ERP. Definitely these are the most important modules of a campus management ERP, but why ignore Alumni management? Alumni management is no more considered as an optional module, but is rather a full-fledged module that can give you optimum returns on your investment with its useful features. Here are a few reasons that harp upon the fact that Alumni Management Module needs a serious attention as an integral module of your campus management software requirement -

Alumni’s are Assets – Because they are no more your students does not mean they are no more an asset to your organization. They can be of great help to the institution as

  • Brand Ambassadors of your institution, across the Globe
  • Fundraising knights and angels through donations, memberships and as volunteers
  • Ninjas from different industries who can be called for in times of need
  • Potential recruiters and head honchos
  • Event organization volunteers and associates

Well, most of us have fond memories of our schools as well as our colleges and are more than happy to give back to our institution and faculty that helped us design our dreams. But, as an organization you have to see to it that the process is kind of hassle free and also see that giving back means much more than just financial returns. Right from information delivery from your end, call to action for the alumni and their response or reply to it. Simplify, that’s the word.

An alumni management module can help you leverage your institutions name and engage your alumni through a variety of ways using the available inbuilt tools for activities like Reunions, Email marketing, social network integration, jobs, memberships, donations and fundraisings, etc. With an alumni management module you can centralize your alumni information around your different engagement activities and send targeted communication that works best in terms of returns. For example, if you are willing to do a 5 year reunion in New-York, the information needs to reach only the targeted alumni that too instantly viz. right information to the right people instantly, that’s the idea. If you send this information to users who have graduated in a different year, it makes no sense as they would not want to receive it in first place and secondly they ain’t your targets.

A good Alumni management module can help not only enhance your alumni community engagement but also establish your organization as a powerful communicator and take your alumni engagement experience to newer levels besides increasing your returns in terms of participation, donation and more. Having said that, not only including it as an integral part of your campus management suite but even making optimum use of its available features and facilities is important to harvest optimum returns on your investment in Alumni Management.

CampusMedicine, our healthcare campus management ERP comes equipped with a fantastic Alumni Management Module that helps you streamline the complete database of your Alumni, stay connected with them through interactive discussions, information exchanges besides providing facility for donations, volunteering and more.

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Userfriendliness in the Key in the Success of an Education ERP

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The success of any ERP system that is going to be used by common people like an education ERP that is used by college management or staff or even school and other educational institutions depends on its user friendly quotient. One of the biggest examples of failed products is Avon’s $ 125 million implementation of SAP software, because people were seeking for simple and user-friendly applications and it wasn’t living up to these expectations of them. There are many players in the market that are offering well designed software, like apple or google for that matter. People today are seeking usability against functionality as far as software are concerned. Same fundamental applies to college management software’s. If user-friendliness is an issue, the failure is almost guaranteed.

Education erp software

So what do the users of today except from their enterprise software? Simplicity includes easy to navigate, reports generation and commands as well as intuitive look and feel. This helps in saving the time of the user and making the whole experience pleasurable and hassle free.

Many vendors today keep this point in mind and design customized software’s which keeps users at the core and concentrate on usability. The environment today is fast moving and customers want everything instantly, its turbulent and traditional ERP systems are not able to cope up with the customer’s needs, thus losing on speed and agility. Modern business models are not able to accept the complex user interfaces due to their ineffectiveness.

Present day requirements of customers are speed, agility and responsiveness and many vendors today are able to understand that because they well understand that ERP systems that are designed for speed, scale and agility tend to sell fast and remain in demand.

Well, the emerging trend in ERP systems which are cloud based these days are to match or rather exceed the usability requirements of the customers across all platforms, even mobile for that matter. The benefits of an improved ERP system includes reduction in order re-work, improvement in cycle time reductions and quality management.

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