Campus Medicine Adds – Online Attendance Module to its ERP Solution

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We at Campus Medicine are innovating consistently and here‘s some news around the new addition to our existing ERP system. Recently, we upgraded our ERP with online attendance system module. This module is equipped with face recognition and biometrics attendance.

Being already aware of and considering the challenges of a traditional attendance system like manual handling of attendance workflows and calculations, no common platform for data sharing between the stake holders of the institution and difficulties around real time data retrieval, we came up with this solution for automated management of attendance in campuses.

UFACE 401 - Attendance Management Software

So, here’s presenting the new online attendance system Benefits and working -

1. Integrates all the departments on a common platform to create the academic                           information backbone of the campus
2. Generates systematic reports of class attendance
3. Requires zero paperwork or human efforts
4. Helps Faculty recognize defaulters at the click of a button
5. Instant access to attendance history of a particular student
6. Manageable and systematic approach of maintenance records
7. Search facility helps in searching or finding any record anytime
8. Ensures efficient administration and management of student attendance
9. Optimum use of time, cost and resources of the institution

The student online attendance system comes with a mobile face reader/ biometric that is taken to the classrooms. The F2F system of punching is followed which includes validation and credit of student. Automatic text alerts are sent to parents of absentees. The stake holders can access attendance records through their dashboards. Multiple reports can be generated as per requirement. Real time reporting can be done with ease due to the inbuilt calculation formula for calculating individual and cumulative attendance. Overall attendance can be calculated on a pro rate basis as well.

Contact to CampusMedicine for free demo of College Management Software

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Cloud Based ERP or On Premise ERP – Comparitive Study

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If you are a business that is in need of an ERP than there are a lot many factors that influence your decision making. One of them is to choose either an on premise solution or a cloud based solution before you narrow down on an ERP service provider. Cloud ERPs are also known as SAAS or software as a service and mean exactly what they spell viz. sold as a service by the vendor. The service provider manages the data centrally and it is stored on the cloud. While on the flip side, on premise means installing the ERP systems locally on the server of the organization or company. The IT staff can manage the on premise system while using their own hardware.

To decide whether to go with a cloud based ERP or an on premise ERP isn’t an easy decision to make. Well, let us take a quick sneak peek into the pros and cons of each of the systems.

Cloud Based ERP or On Premise ERP

Customization is easier with on premise ERP’s as compared to cloud is easy. Though, one point needs to be kept in mind is the more detailed customization you do, the more difficult it gets to upgrade in the future and expensive as well. Even going live gets delayed many a times.

Efficiency and Access
When it comes to performance, Cloud ERP’s win the bout. Their network availability is also better as compare to on premise ERP systems. There are designed for seamless availability and network performance and the best part is their ability to adjust to undesirable circumstances to meet the needs.

One of the most vital part of an ERP is security factor. The data of every organization is of critical importance and its safety is of highest value. In this arena, Cloud ERP’s again take the pie from on premise ERP. The access authentication rules are very strict on data access from servers where the storage of data is done. Many of the vendors follow a triple tier security system and only validated users can access the data after the check through three layers of security. Security on local servers can be easily compromised and hence security wise are not as good.

When it comes to the bottom-line, ERP on premise systems are more expensive than cloud based ERP systems. When it comes to cloud ERP the working requirement is only an internet connection and a software while in case of on premise there is a long list of prerequisites like purchasing, installing, managing software and training the staff or hiring if required.

Change is the only constant they say and the ERP domain is evolving day by day. So you need to keep upgrading to match with the changing requirement and needs. In this area, on premise lags behind because it’s difficult to manage upgrades with ease in on premise ERP. Hence, you can see that those organizations who have on premise ERP are mostly using the old school ERPS in the present day

Well, as you see Cloud based systems have fared well when it comes to comparison part but it actually differs from organization to organization and their individual requirements when it is about choosing any one of the ERP systems.

CAMPUS MEDICINE is a web based application. It establishes a common and continuous platform between 4 stakeholders: Management, Faculty, Parents, and Students.

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The Significance of Campus Management ERP in Education

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With the advent of internet, communication has become extremely easy and fast as well. The process of learning has also evolved over a period of time and has used the technological advancement to its best. Technological advancement has also brought about a paradigm shift in the way educational institutions manage their campus, more so automate their work processes and use their resources to the optimum.

Here is how a campus management ERP help any educational organization streamline its work processes.

Campus Management ERP

Information Management Simplified – With the help of a campus management software you can manage huge data with ease. This includes storage of data as well as reports generation and data sharing across departments. Real time data update facility is available with ERP’s and the best part is anytime anywhere access to its stake holders

Data Management at Speed – With an erp management system you can provide your students access to assignments and submission online easily from the convenience of their homes or anywhere. ERP’s have a dedicated dashboard that is user friendly for every student and the student can access it with his/her unique ID and password to get every information on himself at college be it exam schedule, results, assignment status, fee status and more.

Optimal Resource Management – Obviously, with an automated management system, your resource can be concentrated on priorities. You can channelize your resources to the best of your interests. ERP’s also help in saving a lot of time and ultimately help in increasing your returns and ROI too.

Going Green – Education management systems have helps many institutes go paper-free in most of their administrative and academic initiatives, thus helping them contribute to the environment in bits and pieces, if not to the optimum.

Today, ERP management systems consist of modules that can manage most of the departments of any educational outfit be it admissions, fees, timetable, examinations, results, transportation, hostel accommodation, payroll, finance, library, mess and many others, thus saving in a lot of resources, time and money.

Although, there are a lot of challenges that organizations mainly of small size face with respect to acquiring tailored education management system and get caught in the clutches of one size fits all kinds due to budget constraints mainly. Some face challenges with respect to transition from the old to the new. But, all these challenges can be overcome with a custom made college management system and proper orientation procedures in place.

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The Evolution of College Management Systems – An Overview

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College Management Systems

If you belong to the college management fraternity, you would be well aware of the multifarious needs of the colleges and their umpteen departments and the daily routines that need to be carried out. You all are also aware how the software companies have come to rescue with their well researched college or campus management ERPs. These campus management software’s have helps automate major work processes thus helping the college manage its resources and time to the optimum. These systems started with some basic college management modules but have evolved over the years and added many vital modules that has apparently brought about a paradigm shift in the way the colleges or universities management their campuses. Here is a run down some of the benefits reaped by colleges across the evolution phase of the college management ERP.

Security Enhancements – Over the period of years security has been one of the vital points considered by software companies and hence secure web servers have been used with web based access facility only to the authorized users. From providing basic security to the data, software companies have also come up with security at multiple levels so as to avoid data thefts and other kinds of security breaches.

Records and Reports – Most of the ERP software companies have ERP systems that record all the day to day routines and come with report generation facility as well. This helps the management resolves issues related to negligence and resolve them faster and better way. The traditional systems of earlier times were not equipped with such facilities.

Enhanced PR – As the college management ERP have evolved they have brought about a significant change in the way of communication of the management, faculty, parents and students with each other. Today making an announcement, creating an assignment, filing a complaint or any other internal communication have become as easy as at the click of a mouse. Everything has been refined to such an extend that students are given smart cards in certain colleges which can be used for exams as well.

Daily Routines Simplified – ERP systems have evolved so much so that it has definitely caused a noteworthy transformation in the day to day work processes of the colleges and universities. Today, most ERP’s come with the feature of tracking down and automating most of the day to day workflow processes of campuses.

Technological Add on’s – ERP’s today are not used simply for automating the routine work processes of campuses but can also be used in tandem with other technologies like Biometric systems and GPS systems for further automation and tracking of attendance and transportation to name a few. The incorporation of Biometric systems in particular has been beneficial in campus control.

Having said that, many colleges are using traditional ERP’s as well due to budget restraints or some other reasons best known to them, but the ones who have changed their way of managing their campuses with time and used the evolved version of campus management systems have definitely succeeded in automating most of their work processes.

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Employee Leave Management System – A Review

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In a fast paced business environment like today’s, particularly big companies find it highly cumbersome to manage a colossal employee base, their leaves, attendance and more. But, the advent of employee leave management system software‘s has transformed this time consuming task into automated, instant and easy management work. Most of the work-flow processes associated with the leave management of employees are automated through these software. The accuracy of it is also very high and time taken is minimum. Many leave management systems can be easily integrated with payroll as well and save up-to 30% payroll expenses.

Some of the features and benefits that leave management systems offer are :

ACCURACY – As it is a computer based program, all the calculations are automated and hence the error rate is reduced to bare minimum. The data update is timely and the accuracy is considerably high.

TRANSPARENCY – The system is designed in a way that there is complete transparency in the leave approval method. Every employee has a dashboard which shows available leaves, used leaves, leave requests, approvals, pending approvals, complete history month-wise, leave wise, etc. Even managers have their own dashboard for approval of leaves and viewing their team players leave data as well.

SPEED – As mentioned earlier, most of the process is automated, hence this results in speeding up the entire leave management system. Sending leave requests, approving the same, or update of the same in the leave management or payroll system is an instant process.

COMPANY POLICY CIRCULATION - Every employee stays updated with employee policy details and updates as the whole system is customized on company to company basis. These rules cannot be changed by a manager or head without permission from the company. This helps avoid any sort of unfair practices like favoritism or bias.

EMPLOYEE AVAILABILITY DATA INSTANTLY AVAILABLE – Managers can know the availability or unavailability of their team members at the click of a button. Every information they require is available on their dashboard. The can also manage the team and leaves better as they are well aware about the leave request and approvals and deadlines of projects.

EMPLOYEE LAW ADHERENCE – As the employee management systems are designed keeping in mind the employee law policies of the government of the country, its becomes quite easy to adhere to the law, its kind of automatic adherence to labour laws. This also helps avoid any government law adherence issues

DISCIPLINED APPROACH - The leave management is a transparent system with the employees as well as the labour law adherence. You have all the data, completely accurate in front of you whether you are an employee or manager. Everything information is crystal clear. This improves their attendance and also instills discipline in them.

TIME SAVING / GREEN - Earlier, a lot of paperwork was needed for sending leave requests, their approval, etc. With computerized leave management paperwork becomes nil and even faster and instant apparently. Hence, it helps the company in reducing their carbon footprints as well.

These smart software have therefore become integral part of employee management units and divisions. Even software companies are regularly updating the current systems and coming up advanced additions to their existing systems so that they help businesses manage their task force efficaciously through employee management systems that save time, money and resources.

College Management ERP Software  provider in Bangalore, India.

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Attendance management system – Benefits of RFID and More

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RFID is the abbreviation for radio frequency identification. Attendance systems based of RFID come with tags that only RFID devices are able to read. Once the tags are read all the information is stored on the web based storage system or the cloud, all but automatically. Automated attendance management systems are apparently a boon for the schools, colleges and offices because they eliminate paperwork associated with the traditional attendance management systems, save time, resources and mullah as well. Further, the tracking is much more accurate, timely and at speed.

The RFID attendance management system offers umpteen advantages other than the aforementioned ones. Here is a run down some of benefits offered by these systems.

  • Real time tracking facility for recording attendance as well as leave
  • Instant and easy way to take attendance
  • SMS and email alerts on wards attendance to their parents
  • Automated report generation of weekly monthly class wise reports
  • High end security levels and role based access and permissions
  • Automated calculation of reward points and leaves
  • Multiple campuses attendance management facility
  • Working of RFID attendance management systems

This is based on tag reading. A RFID device and the RFID tag use wireless communication amongst each other. The reader device can detect the tag even if there is some other object in between them, such is its accuracy of detection. Only requirement is that the tag has to be in the range of the detecting device. The scanner reads the tag of the person and saves it to the cloud or the web storage system. The whole process is fast, automatic and requires minimal effort.RFID attendance management systems

RFID attendance management systems

The main components of a RFID attendance management system are -

RFID Tags - There are two main types of RFID cards / tags

Active - Active cards are powered by a battery. Their read range is much more compared to Passive tags. This makes active tags expensive.

Passive - Passive cards or tags are battery less viz they do not have any internal power source and are powered with electromagnetic energy that the RFID reader transmits. They are comparatively cheap to employ.

RFID Reader - Also known as the interrogator, the reader performs the function of sending power and data commands to the tags. This device uses an antenna for sending out signals or commands and capture data from tags. Readers can be fixed to a stationary position or could be integrated with a portable device or even installed in vehicles. For making the tags data available to business applications the RFID reader becomes the access point.

Besides the numerous benefits it provides, RFID based attendance management system also offers the advantage of reducing time theft. In situations where a student is trying to clock in or buddy punch for a fellow student, RFID based attendance management systems turns out to be a tough nut to crack. Though as RFID based systems are automatic in nature, they run through out the day, it makes these systems expensive compared to other types like biometric systems.

Choose the best software for your campus/college/school, Campus Medicine is one of the best college management ERP Software provider in Bangalore India

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Campus Medicine Touch Bases the Heart of Incredible India – Madhya Pradesh

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The first convention of monsoon on ‘Empowering Healthcare Campuses’, was organized at the city of lakes – Bhopal. The event was held at the ‘Hotel Lake View Ashok’ on Friday, July 15, 2016. Despite witnessing a heavy downpour, the event received wholehearted participation from delegates of colleges and universities from in and around the region.

The attendees list included the head honchos like Dr Shaji Thomas, Dean Peoples College of Dental Sciences, Mr. Atul Kashyap, CGM & Mr. Sachin Agarwal, Manager, Peoples University, Dr Avinash Laghawe, Vice Dean and Dr VK Yadav (major), Dean Administration, Peoples College of Medical Sciences, Dr Javdekar, Dean RKDFMCH & RC institute, Dr B R Gupta, Principal LBSHM college, Dr M K Rathore, Dean, MGM Medical College, Mr. Anurag Srivastav, Chairman Veena Vadini Ayurveda College & Hospital, Dr Ulka and Dr Atul, Dean and IT incharge respectively Gandhi Medical College, Dr J L Wadhwani, Associate Professor, Bhundelkhand Medical College, MR Prashant Mishra, GM Global Discovery Academy Schools and more. As for highest number of participants, People Group of Institutions topped the chart.

CM and SP - Bhopal Event The event witnessed the presence of MP’s eminent personality Dr. V.K Pandya, Vice-Chancellor of one of the renowned Deemed University –People’s University and member of Medical Council of India.

At the onset of the event, Mr Tariq Hussain, VP Sales and Marketing presented a detailed demo of our flagship software on workflow automation of Healthcare Campuses- CAMPUS MEDICINE ERP. The highlight of the show though, was the interactive Q&A that followed the presentation.

Campus Medicine - Bhopal-Event  Post the engaging Q & A, Mr. Rahul Malhotra (Sales Lead) walked the delegates through an introduction of the global sourcing catalyst – SOURCE Partner. The solutions and services namely Global Sourcing, Turnkey Solutions and Consultancy Services were also discussed at length.

The event rounded off on exquisite cocktails, Bollywood music, banquet spread and networking. Inspite of it being the very first event of Campus Medicine in the central region of the country, the event garnered quite some eyeballs.
Considering such a favorable response, we look ahead to organize many more knowledge sharing events in the coming times, thereby doing our bit in bringing about a progressive change in the healthcare education ecosystem.Bhopal-Event

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Campus Medicine Connects With Healthcare Education Institutes In North India

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After the overwhelming response of Ahmedabad event, the summer convention on ‘Empowering Healthcare Campuses’ was organized in one of the most well planned cities of India – Chandigarh. The event was held at the ‘Holiday Inn Chandigarh Panchkula’ on Saturday, April 30, 2016. It witnessed an enthusiastic participation from delegates of various colleges and universities across North India.

The presence of management officials like Dr Praveen Bansal, Director (research) from one of the renowned Health Science Government Universities, Baba Farid University of Health Sciences and others like Dr Mrs Saravjeet Kaur, Executive Director – Yamuna group of colleges, Dr A S Bansal, Medical Superintendent – Adesh University, Dr Mary John, Vice President- Christian Group of Colleges, Dr N C Rao, Director & Principal – Swami Devi Dyal Hospital & Dental College and Dr Piyush Kapila, Associate Professor – IGMC Shimla embellished the event.

The maximum number of delegates turned up from Maharishi Markandeshwar Group of Institutions and included Dr Patnaik, Principal – Medical Sciences & Research Institute, Dr Rajat Dang & Dr Dipti Dang, Professors – Institute of Dental Sciences, Ambala and     Dr Jasdeep Singh Sandhu, Associate Professor – Institute of Dental Sciences, Solan.

Mr Tariq Hussain, VP Sales and Marketing walked the delegates through CAMPUS MEDICINE ERP – our flagship Software on Workflow Automation of Healthcare Campuses. The interactive Q & A session that followed was quite an engaging one for the participating delegates and turned out to be the highlight of the show.

Post Q & A, Mr. Rahul Malhotra (Sales Lead) introduced the delegates to SOURCE Partner, the Global Sourcing Catalyst. This introduction covered a detailed presentation on the Solutions and Services offered namely Global Sourcing, Turnkey Solutions and Consultancy Services.

Before winding up, there was a networking session alongside a banquet dinner, Bollywood Music and refreshing cocktails.

This was our second event in the northern region of India and the response has been really encouraging. We look forward to reach out to many more healthcare campuses in the future, taking forth our initiative of bringing about a progressive change in healthcare education in India.

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CAMPUS MEDICINE Shines In The Land Of Gandhi

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After a successful Mumbai event, CAMPUS MEDICINE organized its second convention of 2016 on ‘Empowering Healthcare Campuses’, in Ahmedabad. With over 25 delegates from across the city, the convention was organized at ‘The Fern’ on S G Highway, on Saturday, March 19, 2016. Despite a crucial India Pakistan T20 match, the attendees showed dedication to the cause with occasional score updates.

The evening started with a detailed presentation by Mr. Tariq Hussain, VP Sales & Marketing, on Workflow Automation of Healthcare Campuses using flagship software- CAMPUS MEDICINE ERP.

This was followed by a highly interactive Q & A session that saw an enthusiastic participation from the audience. The animated discussion was by far one of the most engaging parts of the evening.

Post Q & A, introduction to SOURCE Partner, the Global Sourcing Catalyst was done by Ms. Sheela Giridhar, Head Marketing. The solutions and services offered namely Global Sourcing, Turnkey Projects and Consultancy Services were presented at length.

The event wrapped up with the networking session on exotic mocktails, gourmet dinner and instrumental music.

With the overwhelming response from Ahmadabad audience, the event became a noteworthy milestone in CAMPUS MEDICINE’s journey to bring about a progressive change in Healthcare Campuses through intelligent solutions.

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Taking forward our pursuit of bringing about a progressive change in
healthcare education through advanced technology, we organized the first
convention of the new year 2016 on ‘Empowering Healthcare Campuses‘, at
the commercial and entertainment capital of India – Mumbai. The event
was set up at the plush Royal Orchid Central Grazia, Navi Mumbai on
Saturday, February 6, 2016.

A knowledge sharing convention, it started off with a talk on
‘Significance of Technology in Education’ by Ms. Nymph Kaul, Co-founder
and Executive Director, Learning in Practice, Delhi. This was followed
by an exclusive presentation on ‘Workflow Automation of Healthcare
Campuses’ and an detailed Product Demo of ‘CampusMedicine Suite’ – our
healthcare education ERP, by Mr Tariq Hussain, VP – Sales & Marketing.
The delegates participating in the convention included heads of
institutions from Medical, Dental, AYUSH colleges and Maharashtra
University of Health Sciences as well.

The event concluded with an interactive session between the
participating delegates and Mr Tariq as well as Ms Nymph Kaul. It was
followed by a networking session along side a banquet spread, cocktails
and music.

Altogether, another initiative by CAMPUSMEDICINE towards reaching out to
healthcare education institutions and creating an awareness about the
significance of workflow automation in campuses, was yet again


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