Biometrics are also becoming an integral part of our daily lives as we use them at our work places, colleges, universities and important public places.  The latest in biometric authentication is contact free biometric authentication system. The conventional or present system is the contact based biometric authentication system that generally uses the finger print and the most common use is unlocking the phone. The contact free biometric authentication systems use the face or the iris scan technology thus eliminating contact. 

Contact Free Biometrics – Pros

Here how contact free biometrics are better than contact based biometric devices.  

Contact Free – Coming in contact with some device or the one that requires them to touch something, might not necessarily be comfortable for many users. 

Saves Time – At times using the touch technology like finger print does consume a lot of time if the finger is not placed properly. With contact free biometric systems users are saved of this hassle.

Hygiene – Biometric devices are used by numerous people at the same and time and hence expose people to vulnerabilities like infections that spread by touch like conjunctivitis, influenza, but to name a few. 

Contact Free Biometrics – Cons

Intra-class Variation – There is high probability of intra-class variation when it comes to contact less biometric authentication. So finger print is less prone to errors compared to face recognition systems. 

Privacy breach – Face is one known to be the modality that is under high exposure and can be detected even from a distance. Thus, it empowers the government to scan subjects thus breaching their privacy. It’s already happened in the USA where Edward Snowden did open up about a mass surveillance program of US government.   

The latest technology in biometric hardware that includes mobile biometrics as well as its ease of integration with third party without any biometric data breach and compact components besides its ability to make payment process seamless, speedy, safe and secure has enticed the payment service based organizations to think about taking it up with payment cards.

Contact free cards are already in use today wherein the no swapping or card insert is required. Just one tap and you’re payment is done. EMV biometrics are made mandatory already by the Reserve bank of India and the process of replacement of the cards by banks has already been initiated.  Contact free finger print technology is also being used nowadays. Here, the user only has to hover the fingerprint over the sensor for identification purpose.  Having said, biometric EMV cards do need physical contact even though the biometric EMV cards are contact-free as mentioned before. 

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