How Campus Medicine resolved the meal management issues of a campus serving 7 hostels for a renowned medical college in Mangalore, Karnataka


The College was facing issues with headcount management of students on a daily basis for breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. The daily head count varied because there were many students who did not opt for meals on weekends, festival times and when out of station, etc.

There was discrepancy in periodic catering bills as well because the caterer would bill on a tentative basis and not on the basis of daily headcount for meals. This not only increased the expenditure of the college, but also led to a lot of wastage of food for the Caterer. Another issue that came to light was students misusing the mess facility by taking more than one meal, for non-enrolled students at times.


Mess management module integrated with biometric attendance tracking was installed at the mess. The students opting for meal on a particular day had to punch-in. The reader allowed only one entry per student/ per meal and also kept track of the total head count on a daily basis.


  • Integration of biometric reader in the mess for daily mess attendance management
  • Meal availability only on headcount basis thus eliminating Misuse
  • Multiple attendance reports – Periodic - daily, weekly and monthly / Batch wise / Hostel wise and total attendance
  • Instant reports on mess attendance and plate count for periodic billing cycle.


The billing process for the mess was streamlined because the software provided exact headcount of students opting for meal on a particular day. It also eliminated the issue of students taking more than one meal per person. This helped the college save a huge amount of money against catering bills. Furthermore, it also helped the caterer keep a track of the meals on a daily basis and reduce unnecessary wastage of food. The mess management module thus proved to be a win-win for both the management and the catering agency as well.

Comparative Analysis

Before and After Mess Automation

Student Headcount for meal Tentative Exact
Cost Savings for Management Nil 40% ^
Catering Bills Transparency Nil 100% ^
Unauthorized use of Mess facility 20% Eliminated
Availability of integrated MIS Hardcopy/Periodic/ Manual Online/Anytime, Anywhere/ Automated
Approval Process Manual / Time consuming Online/ Faster
Mess management efficiency Low High
Student Service Undisciplined Disciplined