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Hostel Management Software:

This modules ensures comprehensive control over the entire hostel work flow. This includes complete management of hostel attendance, mess, disciplinary log, room, bed allocation, check-in check out and more. Disciplinary log facility helps the management in authorized control over the hostel activities.

Students, Parents and the authorized people in the management can access the software from anywhere and get updates on daily attendance of students in the hostel. This helps in maintaining discipline and satisfies both the parents and students. Hostel fees and mess fees are linked up with the fees management module to automate the fee calculations of students.


  • Hostel management simplified
  • Rooms and bed allocation made easy
  • Complete Mess management
  • Disciplinary log maintenance
  • Setting up fees as per the facilities in the hostel
  • Hostel and mess fee integrated with fees management module for automated fee calculation
  • Provision for Hostel vacating / change management
  • Final account details
  • Daily updates to parents on hostel attendance


  • Hostel wise student report
  • Mess Fee report


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Service and Support

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Benifits to Medical Campus

  • Stream line the admission process
  • Crisper Fee Management
  • Better utilization and management of Hostel, Mess and Transport
  • Closely track the class room/ Clinical/ Lab attendance of students and faculty
  • Management of different hierarchies to access to the information as per designation is allotted
  • Comprehensive Student/ Faculty/ Employee Information Record System
  • Student life cycle with academics management
  • Weekly/monthly/ semester/ yearly time table management with provision of Faculty allocation and substitute Faculty allocation
  • Online leave application, approval and rejection of leave application by respective stakeholder
  • Exam scheduling and result announcement
  • SMS and E-mail alerts
  • Dash board based access for different stakeholder
  • It can be integrated with latest technologies like Biometric/ RFID /IVRS/ Barcode
  • Benchmark
  • Helps to identify the areas of concern
  • Maximize performance by helping develop a regular feedback and development mechanism
  • Take corrective actions to help parents improve the satisfaction & engagement levels
  • Facilitate stakeholders to build effective communication platform