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Campus Medicine Software

Who is this product for?

Campus medicine is especially designed
(Medical Campus Management Solutions) for Medical campuses worldwide. Campus medicine-I version has been custom designed for the specific requirements of Medical Colleges in the Indian subcontinent.

Campus medicine manages all complex day to day workflows of Medical institutions

What is Campus medicine ?

Campus medicine (Medical Campus Management Solutions) has been developed by Attendance Online for managing Medical Campuses across the globe.

Campus medicine is a web based application. It establishes a common and continuous platform between 4 stakeholders: Management, Faculty, Parents, and Students. Campus medicine eases out Admission Process, Fees Collection of course/ hostel/ mess/ transport, Student/ Faculty Attendance issues, Academic Calendar issues, Issues of maintaining Student/ Faculty/Employee information and tracking, Management Information System, Greeting Management, Issues of sending instant News & Events messages, Issues of Exam scheduling and Result announcement, Maintaining student life cycle.

3600 view with Campus medicine


Common and Continuous communication platform between all 4 stake holders - Management, Faculty, Students and Parents.


Security at multiple levels with automated backup facility on specific hourly/ daily basis for complete data privacy and protection.


Simplified interface and automated workflow nagivation for all stake holders facilitating ease of use.


Cut to fit solutions based on clients specific requirements ensuring optimum returns on investment.

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