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"Every child coming to the campus in pursuit of higher education is my personal responsibility. I believe in a transparent set up where all stakeholders have access to real time information and can see the nurturing process. Campus medicine has surely made us take a leap in this direction & created a common platform for interaction & exchange of information & developments."

Sri D.K.Audikesavulu- Chairman
Vydehi Institute of Medical Science, Bangalore

“Each module of Campus medicine has been crafted keeping in mind the intricate needs of a medical campus. Such close mapping of our unique requirements has given a solution that has greatly optimized all our operations & infused the Campus with a new energy. Campus medicine has helped me move many steps forward towards my vision of a paperless campus. Going green besides meeting the larger objective has also saved us an enormous amount spent yearly on stationery & printing costs.”

Mrs. Kalpaja D A - DIRECTOR
Vydehi Institute of Medical Science, Bangalore

parent We implemented Campus medicine ERP into our college setup in the 2014. Our core demand was getting a software that would not only streamline our processes but help us acquire NAAC accreditation without hassles. Campus medicine offered us the solution - an ERP that was in accordance to NAAC and much more. Be it management of student life cycle or student admissions management, be it faculty allocation or examination management, administration or management information system, Campus medicine has integrated all the modules into one efficient solutions software, simplifying every underlying process and saving every bit of our time.

Another major high spot of the ERP is it’s simplified dashboards and user friendly interface that ensure effortless navigation. The after support has been tremendous as the team has been there and done that, hand holding right through the implementation and stabilization process. Campus medicine has worked best for us and hence we are also planning to implement the software in our sister institution RajaRajeswari Dental College and Hospital.

S. Vijayanand - Executive Director
RajaRajeswari Group Of Institutions

parent"We were looking for an ERP that could help us automate our entire gamut of processes and offer a simple and easy to use interface compatible with bandwidth variations. With Campus medicine we have been able to achieve exactly that and more. We have been able to regulate our entire functioning, better our time and resource management, thus optimizing our overall performance. It has apparently empowered every stake holder right from the management, administrative team, faculty, students, parents as well as our alumni. I recommend this software with all genuineness to the colleges looking to systemize their campuses with a reliable and efficient ERP module."

Ren Sr Winnifred D’Souza - Principal
Father Muller Medical College

parentAt AJ group, we needed ERP solutions that were seamlessly integrated. From solutions to streamline complete student life cycle management to faculty time management, administrative management and more, the Campus medicine team has provided us a tailored ERP module. It ensures complete transparency within the stake holders, an effective communication platform and real time accessibility as few of its numerous benefits. Campus medicine has completely transformed the way we communicate with our stakeholders mainly students and parents. Making announcements, sharing results and progress reports with parents and students was never so easy and instant. Report generation is a great tool for tracking the performance of faculty and students.

The Campus medicine team has effectively realized the requisites of our institution with their expertise and brought about a progressive change. We also appreciate the continuous support ensured by the team all through. Associating with Campus medicine has got us optimum returns on our investment, undoubtedly.

Mr Ramesh Pai - Chairperson
AJ Group of Institutions

parent"We began using Campus medicine ERP in light of the way that the solution is truly easy and the support they provide is fantastic. Additionally, they outline their modules in accordance with the NAAC guidelines which helped our nursing campus to get the NAAC accreditation with good score. The unfanthomable adaptability of the product is without a doubt an advantage for us. We also found Campus medicine team is professional, dynamic and approachable whenever in need. The capacity to have all the data in one place and get exact reporting has diminished our turn around time of work. We wish them good luck for their future assignments. "

Fr. Rudolph Ravi D'sa - Administrator
Father Muller College Of Nursing

parentI got to know that my son who has been ill, is running short of the required attendance for his prostho classes. In order to take up his exams, he needs to catch up with the deficit in his attendance. On his recovery he'll continue to attend his classes and meet the attendance requirement for prostho.

"Campus medicine – Campus Management Solutions" is a fantastic online service through which a parent like me can have access to their ward's academic progress in the college, from any place with an internet access. As a responsible parent, I am able to attend to every academic issue of my son in time. I am really very grateful and thankful to the team of Campus medicine and to the respected Director, Advisor, Principal and HOD of prostho to have provided such wonderful application to ease our parental burden.

Student's Parents
Mrs. Bella N. Patwala

student“We are attending all our theory classes and practical labs without fail as we know that we have been monitored by faculty members and our parents. Now a day’s our grievances are addressed very fast through this online software tracking by the concerned departments. ”

K. Ananya
1st year Student,MBBS
Vydehi Institute of Medical Science, Bangalore

parent“I can monitor my son’s attendance and his performance by logging in from my place. This initiative by Vydehi management has really reduced my burden of traveling down to Bangalore every time.”

Student's Parents
Vydehi Institute of Medical Science, Bangalore

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