Campus Medicine Now Offers Web Based Enterprise Solutions For Colleges And Universities As Well

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We are all aware of the fact that there are individual medical colleges that are affiliated to universities – a more larger setup. Now, to meet the rising demands of the universities, creation of a more intelligent ERP is needed as the features that individual ERP’s come with aren’t quite enough to match the complex functioning of universities.

We at CAMPUS MEDICINE , with an expertise in Healthcare education ERP’s proudly launch a more intelligent and collaborative web based enterprise solution that is designed to meet the demands of universities that have a rather complex functioning matrix, with multiple colleges being affiliated. This suite single-handedly systemizes the heterogeneous setup of a university thus giving optimum returns on their investment to the University management.

Ours is a Web based ERP or SaaS solution and not just the conventional model. The edge that this model offers to our clients includes easy and quick installation and integration, hassle free maintenance, round the clock support and less upfront investment. Faster time to benefit is what the clients get, because all it needs is a web connection and a browser, buying and installing hardware and software isn’t required.

With this multifarious benefits in form of web-solutions for a simple as well as a complex setup of institutions is what makes us an out of the box ERP solutions provider.

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