CAMPUS MEDICINE Shines In The Land Of Gandhi

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After a successful Mumbai event, CAMPUS MEDICINE organized its second convention of 2016 on ‘Empowering Healthcare Campuses’, in Ahmedabad. With over 25 delegates from across the city, the convention was organized at ‘The Fern’ on S G Highway, on Saturday, March 19, 2016. Despite a crucial India Pakistan T20 match, the attendees showed dedication to the cause with occasional score updates.

The evening started with a detailed presentation by Mr. Tariq Hussain, VP Sales & Marketing, on Workflow Automation of Healthcare Campuses using flagship software- CAMPUS MEDICINE ERP.

This was followed by a highly interactive Q & A session that saw an enthusiastic participation from the audience. The animated discussion was by far one of the most engaging parts of the evening.

Post Q & A, introduction to SOURCE Partner, the Global Sourcing Catalyst was done by Ms. Sheela Giridhar, Head Marketing. The solutions and services offered namely Global Sourcing, Turnkey Projects and Consultancy Services were presented at length.

The event wrapped up with the networking session on exotic mocktails, gourmet dinner and instrumental music.

With the overwhelming response from Ahmadabad audience, the event became a noteworthy milestone in CAMPUS MEDICINE’s journey to bring about a progressive change in Healthcare Campuses through intelligent solutions.

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