CAMPUS MEDICINE touches another benchmark in Enterprise solutions with its newly launched Fees management module (FMM)

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Keeping in mind the growing demands of colleges and universities particularly for student management, CAMPUS MEDICINE recently launched its fees management module – a versatile module, it simplifies the entire fees management process. We have worked closely with our campus clients as well as our domain experts to enhance our campus management ERP so that the complexities and issues involved in fees management are resolved.

Our fees management module is loaded with unique features like fees management on seat to seat basis, multiple options for payment of fees and integrated to modules like transportation management, scholarship management, mess management, fees waiving and more, making our FMM one of its kind.

Management of multiple fee accounts like tuition fees, admission fees and registration fees etc., becomes extremely simple, this way. With the multiple payment option embedded in the one module, collecting fees becomes more expedited and easy. Assimilating modules like transportation, mess and scholarship, adjusting the expenses of every student, due date management, paid and outstanding fees management and more, makes it a cohesive module. Even following up with the students or parents is all undertaken by the SMS alerts & messaging tool. With this new advanced module, streamlining fees management process is easy and hassle free.

In a nutshell, for all the institutes right from medical colleges, nursing institutes to dental colleges, homeopathic institutes – this Fee management module is more like a boon, as it takes care of each and every aspect and criteria of student fees management from root to the fruit.

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