Empowering Healthcare Campuses (EHC) In Pune – The Quest Is On!

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After the success of CAMPUS MEDICINE’s very 1st convention on Empowering Healthcare Campuses, we are literally going places, conducting conventions around different states of India. This November 21st, the destination was Pune.

We had many enthusiastic delegates from Medical, Dental and Ayush colleges of Pune and around Maharashtra. Apparently, we’re glad to see such a favorable response, even though the event was arranged in a very short span of time.

With the kind of response we are receiving from colleges, we are quite sure that our objective of bringing about a progressive change in the field of Healthcare education through advanced technology and infrastructure development tools, seems to be on the right track and our engines are all revved up to organize many more of these in and around India.

EHC in toto, was a knowledge sharing event that included a exclusive presentation on the significance of technology in education by Ms. Nymph Kaul- co-founder and Executive Director, Learning in Practice, Delhi. Mr Tariq, Sales head of CAMPUS MEDICINE further shed light on the significance of e-enabling Healthcare campuses with college management ERP, smooth transition into the new technology and orientation for optimum utilization of the same.

This was followed by an interactive session on the topic, networking and a banquet dinner accompanied by instrumental music.

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