Empowerment Of Medical Campuses – A Short Convention

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CAMPUS MEDICINE organized a short convention on medical campus empowerment, last week. It involved the participation of who’s who of the healthcare education sector. This was a step towards our motive of bringing about a progressive change in medical & healthcare campuses through advanced technology and infrastructure development tools.

At this interactive & knowledge sharing summit, the objective was to redefine the way we think about the relevance/ impact of e-governance in medical & healthcare education and the ideal road map for the same.

This knowledge sharing event threw light on introducing advanced technology to campuses, the underlying challenges, substantial benefits and finally successful transition to the implemented technology.

Technology Connoisseur Mr Amitabh, Director general NIC gave a detailed presentation on the same. Around 16 management and administration level heads from medical, dental and nursing campuses participated in this eventful meet and took away with them key information on medical campus empowerment through workflow automation and ERP solution integration.


  • True potential of e-governance was unlocked
  • Keys to an operationally & financially empowered campus
  • The fog on choosing the right solutions was cleared
  • Vital tips on smooth transition and adaptation to implemented technology
  • Information on Empowerment through infrastructure development
  • It was a knowledge gaining experience for one and all.

The convention was organized on August 21, 2015 at The Zuri, Whitefield at 7 pm and was followed by a Gala Dinner.

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