ERPs For Universities – A Short Guide

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Educational campuses like colleges already have complex workflows and a mammoth database to manage particularly when it comes to higher educational campuses like universities. Enablement of large campuses like universities can not only streamline these complex workflows but also help in these institutions in getting optimum Returns on Investment. While there are umpteen ERP Vendors in the market that provide one size fits all ERP solutions for colleges and Universities, there are only a few who are in for cut to fit solutions. Campus Medicine is one such company that is into campus management solutions for colleges and universities. While designing an ERP solution for Mammoth educational setups like universities there are a lot of points that need to be considered to get the product that suits your requirements. Here’s a short guide around pointers that need to be kept in mind while planning around e-enabling your university campus

ERP For Universities

1. ERP integration System – making the right choice does matter when it comes to selecting between the ERP integration or could system and modules. The university needs to be aware of its specific requirements and choose a technology that fulfills it.

2. Reports Management – Reports are a daily routine with universities and the ERP needs to be fully equipped to automate them. The reports need to include different from fees to exams, MIS to co-curricular, attendance and also degree course tracking to name a few.

3.Inter departmental connectivity – There are umpteen colleges and further departments under a university setup but with proper inter departmental connectivity, university can create an environment that is seamless as far as workflow processes, accountability, time and resource management as well as transactions and learning activities are concerned.

4.Continuous Support – Vendors not only design ERP that meets the specific requirements but due to many institutions opting for cloud based platforms provide 24 x 7 support as well.

5.Agility – Like they say change is the only constant, even ERP systems need to be upgraded from time to time, hence it needs to be agile so that it can be used for a long time in order to save money in the future and use it for a long period of time.

Well, universities are a colossal setup and they need to take all the vital points into consideration before choosing a suitable ERP management system for themselves.

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