Attendance management system – Benefits of RFID and More

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RFID is the abbreviation for radio frequency identification. Attendance systems based of RFID come with tags that only RFID devices are able to read. Once the tags are read all the information is stored on the web based storage system or the cloud, all but automatically. Automated attendance management systems are apparently a boon for the schools, colleges and offices because they eliminate paperwork associated with the traditional attendance management systems, save time, resources and mullah as well. Further, the tracking is much more accurate, timely and at speed.

The RFID attendance management system offers umpteen advantages other than the aforementioned ones. Here is a run down some of benefits offered by these systems.

  • Real time tracking facility for recording attendance as well as leave
  • Instant and easy way to take attendance
  • SMS and email alerts on wards attendance to their parents
  • Automated report generation of weekly monthly class wise reports
  • High end security levels and role based access and permissions
  • Automated calculation of reward points and leaves
  • Multiple campuses attendance management facility
  • Working of RFID attendance management systems

This is based on tag reading. A RFID device and the RFID tag use wireless communication amongst each other. The reader device can detect the tag even if there is some other object in between them, such is its accuracy of detection. Only requirement is that the tag has to be in the range of the detecting device. The scanner reads the tag of the person and saves it to the cloud or the web storage system. The whole process is fast, automatic and requires minimal effort.RFID attendance management systems

RFID attendance management systems

The main components of a RFID attendance management system are -

RFID Tags - There are two main types of RFID cards / tags

Active - Active cards are powered by a battery. Their read range is much more compared to Passive tags. This makes active tags expensive.

Passive - Passive cards or tags are battery less viz they do not have any internal power source and are powered with electromagnetic energy that the RFID reader transmits. They are comparatively cheap to employ.

RFID Reader - Also known as the interrogator, the reader performs the function of sending power and data commands to the tags. This device uses an antenna for sending out signals or commands and capture data from tags. Readers can be fixed to a stationary position or could be integrated with a portable device or even installed in vehicles. For making the tags data available to business applications the RFID reader becomes the access point.

Besides the numerous benefits it provides, RFID based attendance management system also offers the advantage of reducing time theft. In situations where a student is trying to clock in or buddy punch for a fellow student, RFID based attendance management systems turns out to be a tough nut to crack. Though as RFID based systems are automatic in nature, they run through out the day, it makes these systems expensive compared to other types like biometric systems.

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