Employee Leave Management System – A Review

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In a fast paced business environment like today’s, particularly big companies find it highly cumbersome to manage a colossal employee base, their leaves, attendance and more. But, the advent of employee leave management system software‘s has transformed this time consuming task into automated, instant and easy management work. Most of the work-flow processes associated with the leave management of employees are automated through these software. The accuracy of it is also very high and time taken is minimum. Many leave management systems can be easily integrated with payroll as well and save up-to 30% payroll expenses.

Some of the features and benefits that leave management systems offer are :

ACCURACY – As it is a computer based program, all the calculations are automated and hence the error rate is reduced to bare minimum. The data update is timely and the accuracy is considerably high.

TRANSPARENCY – The system is designed in a way that there is complete transparency in the leave approval method. Every employee has a dashboard which shows available leaves, used leaves, leave requests, approvals, pending approvals, complete history month-wise, leave wise, etc. Even managers have their own dashboard for approval of leaves and viewing their team players leave data as well.

SPEED – As mentioned earlier, most of the process is automated, hence this results in speeding up the entire leave management system. Sending leave requests, approving the same, or update of the same in the leave management or payroll system is an instant process.

COMPANY POLICY CIRCULATION - Every employee stays updated with employee policy details and updates as the whole system is customized on company to company basis. These rules cannot be changed by a manager or head without permission from the company. This helps avoid any sort of unfair practices like favoritism or bias.

EMPLOYEE AVAILABILITY DATA INSTANTLY AVAILABLE – Managers can know the availability or unavailability of their team members at the click of a button. Every information they require is available on their dashboard. The can also manage the team and leaves better as they are well aware about the leave request and approvals and deadlines of projects.

EMPLOYEE LAW ADHERENCE – As the employee management systems are designed keeping in mind the employee law policies of the government of the country, its becomes quite easy to adhere to the law, its kind of automatic adherence to labour laws. This also helps avoid any government law adherence issues

DISCIPLINED APPROACH - The leave management is a transparent system with the employees as well as the labour law adherence. You have all the data, completely accurate in front of you whether you are an employee or manager. Everything information is crystal clear. This improves their attendance and also instills discipline in them.

TIME SAVING / GREEN - Earlier, a lot of paperwork was needed for sending leave requests, their approval, etc. With computerized leave management paperwork becomes nil and even faster and instant apparently. Hence, it helps the company in reducing their carbon footprints as well.

These smart software have therefore become integral part of employee management units and divisions. Even software companies are regularly updating the current systems and coming up advanced additions to their existing systems so that they help businesses manage their task force efficaciously through employee management systems that save time, money and resources.

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