Biometric Devices And Its Application Areas

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Biometric technology is not at all a new now and over the years it’s proved to skyrocket as far as its utility is concerned in different application areas. In an age where personal identification and authentication is need of the hour every-where from schools, colleges to airport, immigration and border security areas, biometric devices are proving to be the savior certainly so. Earlier, people used to believe that biometric devices were of use to the government institutions only, but today they are everywhere, be it corporate office or universities. Here’s a run through five application areas where biometric devices are used for security and convenience purposes.

Biometric Devices And Its Application Areas

Access Control – Biometric technology has been of a great boon where password based access has proved to be a fail due to the limitations of it. Hence, for home access control, vehicle access control, single sign on as well mobile phone access is adopting biometric access control technology because it is reliable and accurate.

Time and Attendance Management – Biometric technology is by far the best technology in use when it comes to attendance and time management of students or staff be it in colleges or workplaces. No wonder, they are extensively used across organizations and colleges in India have made them mandatory recently. These devices use features like face identification and fingerprint identification mostly commonly while there are places around the world where even palm iris and voice based identification technology is in use. This technology has automated, streamlined and speeded up the attendance and time management workflow procedures globally.

Airport Security – One of the areas where security is so tight that breaching it is almost impossible, thanks to biometric technology in use. Many airports these day worldwide use the IRIS based biometric identification technology for authentication of traveler’s identity. Other than accuracy and reliability, a lot of time is saved because the travelers only have to enter a booth and look into the iris camera. The camera clicks the picture and matches it with the details in the software. Iris based biometric identification technology is known to ensure highest security and safety levels as on day.

Banking Transactions – Banking is one of the most sensitive and breach prone areas where highest level of safety and security are a must. The use of biometric technology has skyrocketed particularly in banking in order to automate and streamline the customer identification management procedure and nullify instance of fraudulent transactions. Furthermore, its makes the whole procedure faster and convenient for the customer. As customers are looking for banking who are equipped with biometric technology even banks are concentrating on getting the best technology possible.

Law and Order Management – International Investigative agencies like the Federal bureau of Investigation have been using the biometric technology for a long time now for criminal investigation purposes. It is also used across many jails and prisons in-order to manage the criminals residing inside. With the help of biometric technology it becomes easier to manage criminal and prisoner identification procedures.

Apparently, the use of biometric identification devices is growing by leaps and bounds because of it speed, accuracy and reliability with identification and authentication procedures.

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