Ignoring Human Element Hampers Software Implementation

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We are all aware of how ERPs are taking over the business world in an organised manner. Why not, they are helping businesses move northward by improving efficiency, boosting productivity, optimising manpower, controlling time and saving money. Yet, we are not able to recognise one clear fact that ERP implementation is not only about technology. It is more about humans as well. The implementation of an ERP is a critical process and the success very much depends upon everyone in the organisation. Hence, taking everyone in loop becomes imperative for it to work to its optimum.

Ignoring Human Element Hampers Software

Adopting or adapting to new technology is not a cake walk for sure as it needs the people of the organisation to come out of their comfort zones and try something new and learn it. Anxiety and hesitation is a natural human phenomenon and no with ERP it’s not an exception at all.

There are many examples of companies not doing well only because the people are not willing to accept and initiate change because may be they see technology as a threat to them or the feel they wont be able to adopt it the way it should be. But, its up to the management how to take this and respond to it sensible and make sure that the management understands human psychology around it, the culture of the business and then puts its own team to the heart of the process by spreading awareness about the benefits of digitisation to the business and even personally.

Secondly, they need to partner with a reliable ERP solutions provider in order to harness the power of it to the optimum. This provider will do the hand holding as far as implantation of the technology is concerned and orientation as well as training around transferring it to the hands of the team members is concerned. May businesses look for quality ERP and the features or benefits of it, but what is more important is after support. The support is critical to the success of the ERP and ultimately to the business as well. The following tips can help you avoid the hamper of implementation of technology caused due to sheer ignorance around importance of human factor.

Awareness and Interaction – It’s a good idea to spread awareness about the implementation of the ERP and the benefits of it to the business and individual as well. The early you start the better for you.

Orientation and Training – Investing seriously in training your team be it higher management or middle or junior team members. This not only improves output and productivity but also confidence and ownership.

Reassure – Make the team understand about the benefits of the ERP and how it is going to ease their day to day life hassles and boost their productivity.

Well, at the end of the day the ultimate beneficiary is going to be your business. So, go for a provider that puts your people first and concentrates on user experience by taking a holistic approach around ERP implementation.

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