The Future of ERP System in India and More

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Most universities, colleges and schools are updating their management systems with campus management ERP systems. In order to make optimum use of the available resources and boost the efficacy of the work processes, ERP systems are being used by managements of various institutes in various fields of education. ERP’s have altogether taken education by storm. They have helped campuses streamline their resources as well as work processes and ultimately save on costs. The simple reason being their low capital investment requirement as well as high returns on investment. Here are a few benefits of education management systems used in educational organisations

  • Data management and storage with multiple levels of security for protection of data
  • Real time access and authorised access to management for handling operations of multiple organisations under one group of institution
  • Implementation of cloud based systems reduce the cost of IT hardware and servers. Even product enhancements and upgrades become hassle free as compared to traditional data storage systems.

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There are various service providers in the field of education ERPs. But, the idea is not to install a one size fits all ERP but to choose one that suits your organisational needs. We at CampusMedicine are also into campus management ERPs exclusively for streamlining the work processes of medical campuses. With 33 different modules for campus management, we offer one ultimate solution that undoubtedly optimize your work but maximize your returns on investment as well. Here is a list of the benefits that CampusMedicine offers medical colleges -

  • Stream-lined Admission Process
  • Crisper Fee Management
  • Better utilization and Management of Hostel, Mess and Transport
  • Closer tracking of class rooms/ Clinical/ Lab Attendance of Students and Faculty
  • Management of different hierarchies to access to the information as per allotted designation.
  • Comprehensive Student/ Faculty/ Employee Information Record System
  • Student life cycle with Academics Management
  • Weekly/monthly/ semester/ yearly Time-table Management with provision of Faculty Allocation and Substitute Faculty Allocation
  • Online leave application, approval and rejection of leave application by respective stakeholder
  • Exam scheduling and Result announcement
  • SMS and E-mail alerts
  • Dash board based access for different stakeholder
  • It can be integrated with latest technologies like Biometric/RFID /IVRS/ Barcode
  • Helps to identify the areas of concern
  • Maximize performance by helping develop a regular feedback and development mechanism
  • Take corrective actions to help parents improve the satisfaction & engagement levels
  • Facilitate stakeholders to build effective communication platform

To schedule a free demo of our campus management ERP, click here.

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