Why is Alumni Management not an Optional Campus Management Module Anymore?

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Many college management bodies focus on modules like admission and fee management, exam and results management, time table management, to name a few, as a part of their campus management suite, but either ignore Alumni Management or consider this module as an option with their custom made ERP. Definitely these are the most important modules of a campus management ERP, but why ignore Alumni management? Alumni management is no more considered as an optional module, but is rather a full-fledged module that can give you optimum returns on your investment with its useful features. Here are a few reasons that harp upon the fact that Alumni Management Module needs a serious attention as an integral module of your campus management software requirement -

Alumni’s are Assets – Because they are no more your students does not mean they are no more an asset to your organization. They can be of great help to the institution as

  • Brand Ambassadors of your institution, across the Globe
  • Fundraising knights and angels through donations, memberships and as volunteers
  • Ninjas from different industries who can be called for in times of need
  • Potential recruiters and head honchos
  • Event organization volunteers and associates

Well, most of us have fond memories of our schools as well as our colleges and are more than happy to give back to our institution and faculty that helped us design our dreams. But, as an organization you have to see to it that the process is kind of hassle free and also see that giving back means much more than just financial returns. Right from information delivery from your end, call to action for the alumni and their response or reply to it. Simplify, that’s the word.

An alumni management module can help you leverage your institutions name and engage your alumni through a variety of ways using the available inbuilt tools for activities like Reunions, Email marketing, social network integration, jobs, memberships, donations and fundraisings, etc. With an alumni management module you can centralize your alumni information around your different engagement activities and send targeted communication that works best in terms of returns. For example, if you are willing to do a 5 year reunion in New-York, the information needs to reach only the targeted alumni that too instantly viz. right information to the right people instantly, that’s the idea. If you send this information to users who have graduated in a different year, it makes no sense as they would not want to receive it in first place and secondly they ain’t your targets.

A good Alumni management module can help not only enhance your alumni community engagement but also establish your organization as a powerful communicator and take your alumni engagement experience to newer levels besides increasing your returns in terms of participation, donation and more. Having said that, not only including it as an integral part of your campus management suite but even making optimum use of its available features and facilities is important to harvest optimum returns on your investment in Alumni Management.

CampusMedicine, our healthcare campus management ERP comes equipped with a fantastic Alumni Management Module that helps you streamline the complete database of your Alumni, stay connected with them through interactive discussions, information exchanges besides providing facility for donations, volunteering and more.

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